June 4th 2018

Faces in things!!

It’s a really good one this, no filter and what wonderful eyes, checking up on us as we walk through the woods daily. I reckon, in fact, I could state with absolute belief that the tree could tell me, and you my adoring public and visiting dignitaries, who was responsible for the theft of and then the toppling of the installation at the entrance to the forest. The talisman and silent sentinel watching over the field of rapeseed oil, if only we could work out how to talk to the tree. Like a Floric Dr Doolittle, but it’ll never happen because the tree  can’t see, because the eyes are now wood and everyone knows that when humans go blind their eyes turn to wood. That, my friends, is a whole lotta science, ahead of its time and disputed by many.


The gang was back together today and M in particular was particularly enthusiastic in his excitement of all things Ministry. Lace was a subject which he delighted in discussing in particular with C. It made us laugh.

The number of the Deer came up for the first time in the Lottery,  if you don’t know what this is then may I refer you back through the mists of this blog somewhere in the past when the momentous decision was made to start a syndicate between the four of us. So far the results have been disappointing but the outlook is good, we are all optimistic for the future, specifically the weekend coming where M predicts we shall win £800 each! This is all very well but a month or so ago it was £8000 each, one could be excused for thinking that M has little faith in the whole system, like its some sort of racket. He may have a point but his winning predictions are trending in the wrong direction and so if anyone wishes to make a donation of £4,000,000 to quell this rampant pessimism then I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks in advance.

Anyway as for the conception of the number of the deer, you may want to check back in March sometime, all reputable bloggers have some sort of indexing system, not me; I happen to find the chaos of random reading choice through the photo on the front of each particular day’s blog far more satisfying. In fact thinking back I don’t think I gave away the lottery numbers we chose for fear of someone stealing them and taking an unsolicited share in the booty (international readers I do not mean bum or bottom, but something gained or won, so the prize money).

What I was hoping and trying to get round to mentioning was that the number of the Deer was chosen by N, and is the first time his number has come up so a moral victory for him, he was beaming ear to ear, it was like he’d just won the lottery. Which of course he had, in a small sixth type of way! I just have trouble concentrating when the weather is on the telly and my brother’s 40th is at the weekend. We are all crossing our fingers and toes. I read something very funny about televisions tonight which I will relay if I remember tomorrow, I’m not saying tonight because the more astute of you and regular Ministry watchers probably take pleasure on how poor my memory is, and I can feel you all pointing and laughing.


Through these so far 5 complete months, I don’t believe I’ve shown you the stepping stones yet. Here they are, more later along with the telly story.













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