June 6th 2018


Secret’s out; this is what I get up to in the mornings prior to work; it’s a coffee tower, and they say I’ve got time on my hands. Its all a case of allocating the time in the correct slots during the day, which in corporate speak is called Time Management. My time is managed by doing whatever I think is necessary or indeed fun at any particular time, which more often than not leaves me with loads of work to do when the sun goes down, in this way I am like a dog craving a walk, as soon as the metaphorical lead rattles I’m off to do something more interesting.

Which may account for the hiding of the lego men in the wood.

Today, C told us how her day yesterday went rapidly down hill after the Ministry Walk.  She took 1 1/4 hours to drive the 8 miles into Worcester; 7 rural, 1 urban. Traffic lights and road cones, the blight of all road users the issue. When she came to park, a chap pulled up along side her and told her to “Fucking Shift Up” so he could squeeze in behind her, the bloke then called C a wanker when she laughed at him and drove off revving wildly whilst showing the “wanker” sign (translates into all languages with no need for interpretation) out of the car window. Aren’t people awful, especially as C was in the company embossed little smart car at the time, it was like he was swearing at a cartoon character, which must have made him feel really manly, and so he went home to beat up his cat,  people must be made aware of it’s presence.

I thought Fortnite was just going to be a 2 week fad, it’s been months now and is showing no sign of abatement, when is the correct time to sell the X-box from under my sons nose?

I replaced the Corvine figure, stolen you’ve got to reasonably assume by a child, with a Lego Fireman, no pictures but you can be sure i’ve jammed him in as tightly as humanely possible, so we shall wait and see, really I should write on his trousers to leave him well alone, maybe a threat might work, I hope he’s still there tomorrow.


Exciting news to come on 21st June, watch this space and do tune in. Keep on Keeping on.



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