FOWC: Picayune



Well, I’d never heard of it either, and that made me slightly irritated as it really shouldn’t bother me. I mean what does it matter that I haven’t heard of a particular word, people talk to me everyday and some of them I have absolutely no idea what on earth they are talking about. But to not have heard of a word, like this one, that could quite easily pop up as an answer in a crossword, shouldn’t matter a jot, not a picayune.

I feel my mind fully inflated now, buoyed by the new vocab, always on the hunt for fancy impressive wordy  stuff which I could use in casual conversation; like the time my friend described his favourite pudding to us in great detail while stoned on a house boat in Srinagar; the texture, the ingredients, the taste, and the fact it was called Countess Pudding. We all looked at him, then  each other and said in unison,

“That’s Spotted Dick you wanker!”

That was an instance of sometimes how hard it is to insert new words or unknown phrases into conversation.

I’ll think I’ll leave it at that but just wanted to say, my aim in this prompt was to talk of the big wooden thorn in my car wheel shown in the photo. Well, I didn’t manage and now realise it’s no big deal.

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