June 7th 2018


A particularly big splendid spider’s web on the no parking sign today as I waited for the school bus with C. N and M have started walking down the road rather than battle through the dew soaked oilseed, which myself and C realise is only a temporary arrangement until the crop is harvested, all will be back to normal then.

I didn’t walk today as I had to take my car to the doctors to have some brakes changed or something along those lines, the operative in the car surgery made some crack about asking for disks when they should be pads. I laughed 1 syllable because I thought it only polite to do so, and I really don’t need to know about cars, mine is a company car and with that comes very little maintenance responsibility aside for filling up with Diesel and putting water in the windscreen wipers reservoir. Unlike C who always has a few half empty bottles of Fanta rolling around in the footwells of her car which she uses on occasion when the wipers run out! This has been mentioned before but it makes me laugh, and once again there is no index, I must sort that out…. Ooh look, a bird!fullsizeoutput_13db.jpeg

Weather is looking rather good for Little Bro’s party this weekend and the more I think about it, the happier I am that I live maybe 20 minutes away so I can escape if it all gets a bit too over-exciting.

Music Maestro please.

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