June 13th 2018

15 years, Crystal Anniversary, plus the 7 we have been together before. That’s all a very long time, we did keep mentioning this, Mrs T seeming to have an unhealthy interest in the 7 years prior, adding it on to the 15 years. In fairness to look at the thing logically, there has been 2 of us involved in this adventure, so I’d be tempted to think that the amount of time should be doubled, which can be simplified into this one equation:

(15 • 2) + (7 * 2) = 30+14= 44!!! 

44 years together, thats nearly gold, and will be in 3 years time assuming the doubling of all relationships where 2 are involved can be considered standard. I think it should be and will be speaking to my friends to ask their permission.

So Happy Anniversary my love; Mrs T and I hope we get to survive the next 30*2 years together!!

Here’s a flower for you.




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