June 14th 2018

When my daughter came home today and we spoke after 2 days of frostiness, the second thing she told me after we both apologised for our bad behaviour was that today in domestic science she had been practicing putting condoms on dildos. I wondered why on earth she would be doing that, but in a flash the further implications dawned on me, and then I realised my daughter was far more advanced at her age than I was and so I’d better keep an eye on her. She’s 14 1/2 years old fairly  tall, blue eyed and good looking. Oh Jesus Christ… Fenton!!

I didn’t go on the walk this morning for work reasons, I had to drive a long way to the arse end of nowhere and do my thing. Problem is, I drove all that way, did half of my thing and forgot to do the other half. My mind wasn’t on the job today, my daughter had really upset me the night before, on my anniversary night and I was feeling very sad and a little bit guilty for shouting at her. Anyway, thats just a little bit of context for you, it’s not particularly relevant other than to understand my mood. I very rarely get melancholy like that. In driving to the arse end of nowhere I found myself very near to Hergest Ridge, the more faithful die hard fools who have been following this nonsense for the full time may recall I mentioned it before; t’was the subject matter and inspiration for Mike Oldfield difficult second album, the follow up to Tubular Bells. So I climbed it to clear my head, parked in Upper Hergest and walked the 200 metre ascent to the trig pillar on top. It did the trick, there was no one there and the clouds were glorious dappling the summer blue skies often seen above the border lands where there exist the taller hills.fullsizeoutput_13e9


A walk does great things for a troubled mind.

Went upon to the pub last night andI don’t care what Mrs T says, I think the new landlord is dragging the pub backwards into the Karaoke, bad tribute singer territory, he’s catering for the usuals; OAP’s, Steak nights with a bottle of wine, cheap Tuesday lunchtimes. In my view he’s heading backwards into comfortable beige territory, keeping it safe, he’ll probably do ok with that attitude.


That sort of behaviour will not be tolerated by me, other people may think it fine, but come on man, you’re not a fucking teenager/ tweenager, and this pub is not your living room; get a grip.

The world cup started, the Russians beat Saudi Arabia 5-0, both have suspect human rights issues to say the least, and all cameras were on the King of Saudi and Putin, he looks a son of a bitch. So roll on tomorrow, theres 4 games I think and with that thought looming I’m wondering if I’ll be able to keep the wall chart up to date.

This should shake the cobwebs, turn it up loud.

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