June 28th 2018

So a couple of days catch up. In no particular order.

D claimed Fish cannot smell and C proved this by telling us she used to swim with piranhas but wore a special suit designed to confuse them in some way. We have no means of confirming or disproving this Indisputable fact of the day, so as ever i’ll let it stand until someone who gives a shit wants to pick a fact fight.

N turned up, his eyes all watery and after accusing him of crying because he’s soft it turned out the worst was confirmed, he was making something in steel and a spark of burning metal embedded itself in his cornea of his right eye… Ouch! That must have hurt and after the event he put on the protective goggles; safety second folks. A trip to A&E and being shunted from department to department followed for pretty much the bulk of the day and now the metal is removed and a ring of rust formed on the eye ball so that had to be scraped off too. Poor N, came home with a patch and we were all hoping for him to be wearing it this morning so hilarity could follow sympathy and various pirate jokes, but this didn’t happen, the fun police had got to him and so normal service resumed.

Fish were touched on again but I can not for the life of me remember what the hell that one was about, give me a minute… No, not a clue.

M was wearing a new t-shirt, or at least a t-shirt no one had seen before now and questions were asked. Turns out 2 years ago M sorted out his clothing drawer(s) and realised he had many t-shirts which haven’t been modelled for the Ministry and therefore for the fans of M, believe me I know there are many of you out there, like Justin Bieber’s Beliebers, M has his own army of fans. So the plan anyway is for fans of  M and fashion watchers alike to be shown a different designed t-shirt/ shirt every day he goes out. Well I say you’ll see it but to be honest it’ll be just us unless something catches my imagination and then i’ll post a photo.

Lots of flatulence on Wednesday for some reason, affected with gasses generated in the intestines.

The real bombshell which I can’t quite get my head around is that N doesn’t have salt or vinegar on chips from a chip shop! I know its weird, I’ll have to speak to him about that, he’s not 6 years old and afraid of any sort of flavours. For gods sake thats just fried potatoes.

A new section of the blog now, not sure if it’ll work but its going to be called; What is it? I ask the question and then immediately give you the answer, i’d rather the audience didn’t participate thank you very much.

Is it a mint imperial?


No it’s a little mushroom


Will be some very exciting news tomorrow which i would urge people to reblog no matter how poor the writing, the family are brimming with excitement!


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