FOWC: Contract

FOWC: Contract

I’m sure i’ve got a contract with the company I work for, i’ve been there nearly 18 years now. Yet upon checking my bonus I see that for all the work I do, busting a gut on occasion to get the job done, it appears to me that the contract  have is worth shit. I made more money drunkenly listing my rubbish on e-bay than I have doing serious grown up stuff.

So as from now I shall be trying much harder to sell even more useless stuff to see if I can top this years bonus; we’ll see where we are this time next year, Australia sounds nice!

So as I watch and participate in my career stuttering onwards towards middle age I think I’m going to spend more time on developing myself outside of work.

My new contract to and with myself will read thus:

I, write name here, will develop myself and stop trying to please the man for his own selfish gain, I will no longer put myself out for the man, I am not a machine and so will not be treated as such, having said that machines are useful and I don’t have a downer on them specifically so please don’t misunderstand

yours faithfully

etc etc.



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