July 2nd 2018

Ok just one more, sorry about this but we are a nation of dog lovers, so somebody says. Turns out that in Cyprus, when a black dog is born, it’s seen as a bad omen. Bad luck certainly for the dog as black ones are more often killed, apparently. This is a potentially disputed fact of the day, but he’s here and this is him, again, once more and I won’t do it again I promise but with caveats, which will be revealed if and when the time is right. It’s my blog, and I can do what the heck I want and swear if needs be.fullsizeoutput_1425

Today N revealed that we have won the lottery, we got 2 numbers which qualifies us for a free ticket, another go if you like, to win that life changing sum. We all have our doubts externally we don’t want to appear cocky, but inside we know the victory will be ours sooner or later. The issue of changing one of our numbers by the factor of 1 due to there being a new kid on the block was quickly quashed by the rest of the group as the number we were going to change came up on saturday, it just means that Benny will not share in any of the winnings should we triumph. This is listed in the contracts we all signed way back at the dawning of the Ministry’s Syndicate.

“No one, who shall be accepted into the Ministry, at a later date than that on the commencement of this contract, will be permitted to share in the booty of the Ministry which shall be split 6 ways, sharing of winnings with the new member shall be at the discretion of the original members.”

These sorts of things must be written down otherwise anarchy will ensue, and we don’t want that, not really anyway, unless we could have just a little bit of anarchy for a little while and then everything could go back to normal again, and nobody would speak of the small anarchy party ever again; like fight club.

We are it seems, stuck in the midst of a heatwave, and very palatable it is too, today we were discussing Incubus after N mentioned being ravaged sexually by a demon, known as Incubus. Apparently you are in a state of deep sleep with REM occurring (there will be a song later) but for some reason you believe you are being ravaged, theres that word again, repetition is bad but when the suitable word can’t be found from the 171000 odd in the English Language, occasionally this does happen. M then pipes up that he was molested the night before by two Incubi, and somehow he managed to wake up and remember the whole affair. It’s the hot weather and I think actually now I come to think about it we were discussing lace and undergarments made from said material. It’s the sun, it makes us all a little bit fruity. So the discussion continued for a while and I googled Incubus as I had heard of it but never really knew, and blow me if I didn’t learn there is a ring to the yang, a peach to the cream, a gin to the tonic, the partner is called the succubus, this is the female demon and the incubus is the male demon. This proves nothing aside from the Greeks were keen to make anything up to explain unexplained phenomena, so there you go: Classic Greek Chat.


I had to go to the AGM of the most antiquated company in the world today, I’ve mentioned it before and we are no further down the line to updating the systems really. It keeps on keeping on so to speak, but in an Acorn Antiques way. That was in Leicester and I must admit I was really excited and then mortified in the space of 1 minute. We were going to go to a really good Gujarati ¬†Vegetarian Thali restaurant, and I had been building myself up to stuffing my face, got there and it was closed for refurbishment. Its called Bobbys and its on Belgrave Road, Google it.

Our septic tank, bio-digester thing is broken, and so a chap, I’ll call him P, came to fix it. The stench isn’t likely to vanish anytime soon, and I feel like its all over me despite having a shower before bed and not really touching anything to do with the thing. Oliver Sachs would have called it a Aromic Hallucination, or something similar.


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