July 6th 2018


In the woodland, the mighty woodland, a man, M, crouches and holds out his hands Gecko like to absorb the suns rays, increasing his surface area to absorb the heat. Strange animal folk wander the woods at dusk and dawn, skulking through the darkness and lengthening shadows. This creature was found to be extremely friendly and even asked us back for coffee in his den. Not today though, I had a new work computer which concentrated my mind from the pastoral woodland surroundings.

C having given in her notice at her job, was beckoned in to see her manager, one thinks as a last ditch effort to save one of their finest employees before she sticks two fingers up at the multi-county estate agency, the shires will be a poorer district without her deft touch! And if your mansion house needs selling just call…..

Yesterday, not today we had a massive amount of dogs on the walk, to list; Misty, Hattie, Benny, Mabel and Chinny, we also met the mumbling serial killing poodle woman, not willing to make eye contact or to say anything to us apart from the other day when she said

“Oh you’ve got a dog now”

It has to be said in a really threatening manner. She’s got two now suddenly as if from nowhere and, I believe, one growls because he/she can never understand what her/his owner is saying, the mumbler.


I saw a white thistle, this ladies and gentlemen is natural selection brought on by the late snows we had earlier this year which seems like a long time ago now meteorologically.

I was given a new work laptop today, the instructions, as I would have expected, are utter shit. Thanks for wasting my time, and I apologise reader for wasting yours.


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