Friday Fictioneers: Real life Nursery Crime

It’s my first time so be gentle with me. I wanted to try and fit something in blog wise into the half time break between Brazil and Belgium, what a game!

Friday Fictioneers

Serial child abuser, “The Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe” (TOLWLIAS) has returned from her 35 years incarceration to find that her many children have left home to pursue careers in  podiatry, chiropody and ethics, as well as a handful developing unhealthy foot fetishes.

Her hopes of her shoe home being preserved and her possessions intact was dashed as she arrived back at the site of her heinous crimes to see a giant prosthetic foot sculpture moulded into the giant shoe, and her former home populated by giants.

She is now very, very old and living in a caravan.

98 words


      • Oh, and let me tell you, FF is VERY addictive.
        To tell the truth, most of my FF are based on truth and real life so… the other peeps seem to accept it 😉


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