July 7th 2018.



What an exciting prospect it is to be in the semi finals of the world cup. I’ve got to admit I saw the first goal, then fell asleep for 15 minutes, woke up to see the ref blow for half time, went for a wee, poured my self a beer and checked my bloody stats. I am a slave to them, being relatively new to this caper and not making any real efforts to publicise my self, as I have nothing to sell and I like to write, if people find me, so be it. But I’m still conscious of the stats.


Anyway, I joined in with a group called the Friday fictioneers, which is ace, really enjoyed my first mammoth 98 word story! It makes me think in a completely different way and whilst doing this stumbled upon a chap, check him out here


He’s pretty good, tales of travels to far off lands which is always good particularly if its well written, which it is. Mr Driftwood mentioned he enjoyed the post nursery rhyme character stories; and thus a theme was born, but its mine so back off!! And thank you Driftwood!

The woods were fucking boiling hot today but mega green so I’ve edited the photo to remove the colour, what do you think of those apples? Benny the dog has started to chew my winter kindling sticks in side, splitting and spitting the splinters all over the floor just as I’m trying to clean up the house to prepare for our visiting Chinese exchange girl tomorrow, which doesn’t help.  This photo was meant to be all about the pair of cabbage whites in the foreground, needless to say I fucked it up, but if you look carefully you’ll see them, frolicking.




  1. Nice to meet you. Had to come snooping myself 😉
    Funny… I can’t tell you a damn thing about my stats except my numbers have grown (I know a bunch of them are ‘bots, but still) for some strange reason.

    Injecting humour is something I do naturally as well. It’s important to be ourselves when we write, don’t you think? Who can keep up with pretense anyway?

    So glad you have joined both FF and Pegman this week!

    Now, ‘scuse me while I go stalk some of your other posts…

    (lovely you included Arcade Fire to your post… 😉 )


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