Faroes? Really? What Pegman Saw.

This week Pegman is back in Europe in the Faroe Islands in the Kingdom of Denmark. Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by the location. You can use the location supplied in the prompt, or you can browse for your own view of the Faroe Islands using Google Maps. You’ll find both street view and photo spheres at the location.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 22.41.42

“Brenda, can you pick me up please love?”

Dave had found himself in somewhat of a predicament.

It had been a life long ambition of his to sail round the Scottish coastline anti clockwise from east to west, taking in all the highlands and islands; without navigation maps, he would use only the AA Scotland Road atlas.

He mentioned to Brenda he had a perfectly adequate map of the islands to navigate by;  a compass and at night he’d use the stars.

He hadn’t seen land for a while but according to the compass and the road atlas he wasn’t far from Stornaway. Two days later he sailed into a beautiful yet tiny little inlet. He had walked up the steps towards the village to get reception.

“Brenda, I’m in Gjogv”

Brenda checked her map, hung up the phone and drove away.

“Bloody Faroes!”, she chuckled.









  1. It could be worse! If you’re going to sail the wrong direction Faroes seem like a good place to wind up. Loved the story. Great to see you on Pegman!


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