July 14th 2018

I over slept, which is of course marvellous until you’re woken up by the footy coach and you’re in your pants. My son had 1 minute to get ready which he managed but neglected to remember the add ons; one sock, football boots, etc. His bag exploded on his bedroom floor in a shower of home and away tops and shorts. theres too much stuff for him and me to keep track of, and so the panic which ensues with every football adventure is a constant. Voices are raised and more frantic with every minute as we get closer to getting ready time. Of course, this happens every time and we’ve never been too late so I don’t know what i’m worried about really; I just don’t like being put in the position of possibly being late.

I walked today and was, for the second time, rushed out as N and M sat on the front step singing “Oh come all ye faithful” whilst I ran around the house trying to find my socks, boots, etc. Like father like son eh? For a moment there I guessed at where he got it from.

Smooth and camp Nick at the post office told me he had undercharged me for something the other day so I had to pay him a little extra, when all I had wanted was eggs and milk, the paper and some sweets.


These photos are a sum of the parts of Friday which I didn’t think you needed to read about, suffice to say I sat next to the river and had a pint in the sun before the torrential rain came and curtailed the drought we’ve been having, the water was deep on the roads, puddles stretching across the roads, filling the dips and hiding the pot holes. Then I saw nature which is actually wonderful don’t you know.

Nature is smaller than a pint in this photographic montage but please do not read anything into that, it just occurred that way, sometimes these things happen so.

On a more serious note on friday morning N, M and D (me) went running, it was a hot one and pretty hard going, I need to stop smoking and have been told to do so by both N and M and Mrs T who remarked the lounge smelt of cigarettes just now, I pointed at the dog. On leaving the wood after the long downhill from the tall trees and coming to pass the art installation I noticed the lego man, the fireman, the sentinel who keeps an eye on the rapeseed field, has been taken. Another one bites the dust, another bloody child reaches up to the iron tooth and takes what is not his/hers. Little shits, we don’t put these things around for them to fill up their toy boxes, do they think i’m made of lego? I’m not and now I have difficult decisions to make regards which lego person to bring out as i’m getting pretty low on supplies and the ones I have I’m fairly fond of, a storm trooper, a surveyor and a tiger man, theres a couple more but i’m loathe to send out further recruits in the certain knowledge that some small person will see it as his/her divine right to steal what is not theirs and what is for all who enter the woods to enjoy. I couldn’t take a photo, out hurts too much.

Turn this one up loud.


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