Friday Fictioneers: Dressing up made me feel alive.

Travelling Homeopath; Doctor Foster has revealed that his trip to Gloucester very nearly finished his career, having to cancel all orders of what was a booming Quasi Medical Herbalistic Pyramid scheme due to the well documented floods of 2007.

Speaking from a cage in neighbouring Herefordshire he said,

“Since I’ve had to relocate and reinvent myself, people are much more accepting of Homeopathic Clowns, the children parties provide an unexpected financial bonus, although some of the kids are little bastards.”

Winking, he whispered

“There’s so many new age shops around here, its worth the occasional mishap, I’m making a fucking killing!”

Boom!! 100 words!



  1. My daughter was cured of chronic asthma by a homeopath, but she (the homeopath) wasn’t dressed as a clown! By the way, clowns really freak me out. The very thought of them has me reaching for my Kali Phos or Aconite 😉
    I enjoyed your very imaginative take on the prompt, but am hoping your clown stays caged 🙂

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    • I’ve only just started this FF stuff, thus is my second. Im trying to incorporate the theme of well known nursery rhyme or children’s characters from the past into a kind of what are they doing now.
      I did the old lady who lived in a shoe last week, today it’s doctor foster, looking forward with real excitement to next week but not wishing my life away!

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      • That’s a really good idea. My favourite characters as a child were Eeyore, Mr Toad, Wol (Owl), and Bonzo dog. I was very scared of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood and it gave me a terrible nightmare ‘appearing’ at my bedside when I was suffering a high fever.

        Thanks for following my blog. Likewise, I’ve followed yours 🙂 I’m guessing that you’re a fan of Monty Python, looking at your blog’s title. I remember watching episode 1 the first night it was ever screened on TV. My whole family were in pain laughing. It was the cartoon boot that really did it for me.


      • Ha! Yes I am, I’ve had the title in my head for years as i walk daily with my friends N,M and C through the woods. Thought on Jan 2nd, I’m going to create a blog about nothing in particular with an aim to develop my style. 6 months later and 230 odd posts I’m loving it! Problem is I like to write just before bed, my wife isn’t so keen!!

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      • You’re right. There’s never enough hours in the day. I can’t get into the heads of people who say that they’re bored and don’t know what to do with their time. I’m lucky to be able to work on my writing during the day, but have to be disciplined, which I’m not so good at when the sun shines for weeks on end, as I love being out of doors enjoying it, like the grasshopper in that famous fable, and not at all like that miserable, sarcastic, and irritatingly sensible ant!


  2. Not sure how homeopathic clowns could heal anything, that would freak me out! Then again, we’re so willing to let ourselves be sliced, poked and pricked by regular doctors. Worth a try, hey?


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