Hippy shit


Eight fingered Eddie. A, the original Goa hippy has been sighted in Worcester sporting a brown thong which he described as “Arizona Sunrise, like the Fiesta, man” and carrying a small cloth shoulder bag containing passport, a Diners card and some cash in used bills.

He was sighted strolling light-footedly down the Tything rolling a dubious looking cigarette and talking utter drivel to his bag of leeks.

“I’m working towards raising the profile of the rising sun in Worcestershire, She is our mother superior,” said Eddie.

Drinkers at the Lamb and Flag looked on, smoking, and mentioned with some disgust that Mr Fingered had unnecessarily showed off his arse crack. Petra said,

“When he bent over, I saw right up his arse. It was like the black hole of Calcutta”

Pam said,

“You haven’t been to Calcutta, you only went to Rhodes last year”

Petra added,

“Fuck off Pam, Your Dave was there too”

At this point the drinkers moved inside taking Pam and Petra with them.

Leaning out of the door, a punter who made himself known as “The Green Dragon”  confirmed that Hippy’s Arse Crack was indeed a very worrying and filthy thing.

“He’s a Dirty Goa Bastard” confirmed The Green Dragon.

When asked if E.F.E would face Brexit issues, the Hippy sang

“It’s time to bring on the rush”, and raised his wiry fingers into the air.

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