Friday Fictioneers: Sad King.

It’s another story of exactly 100 words, tried funny but ended up a bit sad, Oh well! There words are not part of the story!

Friday Fictioneers.

The Good King had misread the signs he was getting from Stephen, and the feast of largely meat and red wine was rejected due to Stephen eating only what falls from the tree.

Some say living with a Teetotaller Fruitarian was awful, as Jack Spratt attested after his wife found eating lean was no longer for her.

Heartbroken, he changed his name to ordinary Mr Wenceslas, and moved away from the mountains to Wisbech in the Fens.

Now on the anniversary of The Feast of Stephen he looks out over the Jenkins’ apple orchard; and thinks of Stephen.


    • No, specifically fruitarianism, never trust a teetotal one!!
      This is my third FF and I’ve always included fictional characters of the past, and where they are now theme. This one was tricky, I needed some one looking out of a window and Good King Wenceslas fitted the bill! Check out my other two, I think they’re better

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  1. Oh well… Food is a most important part of any relationship. Hell, I won’t even date you if you are a “fuss-ass”… 😉
    Vegan, fruitarian, teetotaler? Fuggedaboutit…

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