July 23rd 2018

The heat wave continues and now there’s an amber warning in Kent due to there being 2 consecutive days where the temperature may get above 30’C. The advice is to stay indoors. May I second that advice and add the following disclaimer, which I learnt from a dear friend of mine’s Dad. If you are too hot, try and find shade, sit infant of a fan, if you are too cold, “Put a bloody Jumper on”.


Temperatures within the village are fraying as the heat takes hold, N heard his neighbours having a massive row last night when he was up “tinkering” in his shed, he said he’d never heard them that loud. Our bedroom is so hot with it being in the eaves and fully insulated for the more common cold weather we usually get. I find lying still seems to work best in getting to sleep but it takes a while. Last night just as I was entering really pleasantly deep sleep next door’s burglar alarm went off; I’d never heard this one before but it was a real goodie! Christ piercing and shockingly loud, dogs started barking, muntjacs too. I looked across the roof at our neighbours house, evidently they were away, their Dad and Mum live in the house in front after giving  out neighbours half the garden to build a house in. Any way the parents weren’t stirring. My daughter came in cross and the longer it rung out the crosser I became. In dire situations like this I start to sweat as I try extra hard to block out the sound, concentrating really hard when I had not been concentrating at all a few seconds before really upsets me and so I have to get up and do something menial to take away the pain, work was the answer. I logged on, the alarm stopped, I went back to bed relieved but thinking was a shame as I could have done with the flexi-time.

A farmer told me his fucking life story standing by the side of the road when I was trying to do my job this morning, I have a real talent of feigning interest when I am at work when dealing with the general public, but like I said tempers run short in these conditions. My legs got scratched and stung wading through nettles and brambles and little sweetheart sees and barley husks tumbled down into my walking boots, attaching themselves to my socks. Any outsider type will tell you those things take many washes to loosen themselves from the sock, and thus intermittent itches will continue well into the future. How many of you office workers have that issue when you’re sat next to your air conditioning unit slurping a cold water, I’ll tell you; None, unless you’ve walked through a hedge to get to work, in shorts and walking boots.

Hattie and Benny are having a lovely time together, Benny likes to ride Hattie, and Hattie likes being rode, mercifully, Hattie is not in season and Benny doesn’t have a clue whet he’s doing other than it feels pretty good, (I’m putting myself in the mind of the dog) We went for an evening walk through the woods, and due to the previous sock and boot debacle I had removed all footwear as soon as I got back into the car after talking to that whining farmer, walking in crocs is wonderful but you do tend to get a few splinters and thorns, to go with the blister I gave myself on the lounge step soon after getting home.


This is a tree hugging mushroom or fungi which usually attaches itself to a tree trunk and lives high up amongst the branches, this is the type of fungi which Chewbacca was glued to earlier on in this blog, in the genesis of the Ministry, if you will. Anyway the fungi fell, as did Chewbacca, he is too small for my eyes to see, and I may be as so bold to say, “It were the children what did it.”

C is conspicuous in her absence, but she has authorised holiday. M, however, is no where to be seen and will be receiving a thorough de-brief when he returns to the fold. The oilseed had been harvested and so N walking through the field to meet D at the normal corner has resumed, the stubble is a little uncomfortable to walk through, scratchy scratchy.

Enjoy the music.


  1. Two (2) days where the temps might get above 30C? Really? You guys are total lightweights, aren’t you? 😉
    We had a full week of 35C before the humidex which makes that temp actually feel like 45C… just sayin’. And I work outside in black pants, 3/4 sleeved shirt and a fucking tie… (thankfully when it hit the highest, we were allowed to diss said tie and open 2 buttons on our shirts… Whoooptie-fucking-dooo….

    That sock situation sounds quite dire, however…

    And what is it with peeps who don’t get the picture that we are, in truth, ignoring them and move on to another poor sucker?

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is insane for the UK, the trains stop because the tracks are too hot and buckle, we have hosepipe bans, the roads melt, last year a reflective building melted a plastic car! It’s the same in winter, any snow and the whole place shuts down. We have temperate services.


      • Crazy… I live in a clime of extremes so we definitely are equipped with appropriate methods and materials – mind you, doesn’t mean they are always efficient about it. And it was so bad a couple of weeks ago that there were up to 90 deaths in the province of Quebec related to said heat.


  2. hang on a m is in Eastbourne… but only until Saturday…. yesterday we went to a town called Battle made famous by 1066 and All That Jazz.
    Call if only it haven’t been a whopping 32c


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