July 22nd 2018

My Daughter, it seems, has an uncanny way to make me feel like shit when you try to help her out. I resent that. That is all I’m going to say on the matter.

This weekend I went to the most antiquated, the acorn antiques of the property investment world, the family company which my cousin and I are trying to drag into the 21st century away from the world of fax and wax letter seals (you heard me) this weekend i’ve been clearing out the old office, papers dating back to the 1950’s. ledgers old bank statements, old leases, official documents, you name it. We have a small machine like a hole punch which embosses the company name onto paper. We have many different letter heads, one official one which we sent out to clients with an imagined e-mail address on the top. I’ve found an old tape measure which has inches and hands!! Much of the documents relate to when I was 10 and thus really doesn’t hold any relevance to today, the photocopied sheets from decades ago have all faded to near invisibility, and so we wondered what they may have been.


Within seconds of lighting the aquamarine electric blue incinerator, the paint was bubbling and smoking and after a short time was completely vanished into the zinc which it is (might be, I have no idea really but it reminded me of the science lab from years ago) One thing is certain, they are very flimsy, these incinerators, I can’t see this one lasting the year. I threw out the old computer, which I don’t think has been started for many years, my cousins’s hubby took out the hard drive; I wouldn’t have the faintest idea where to find it and thought that throwing the thing in the river would surely break the thing. I doubt there would be anything on the pc anyway, there were printed out notes in a folder of how to send an email, to save, save as, etc. The combined age of the 3 directors and the secretary is 325! and we’ve just spent the last two days burning the past history, the irrelevant details of insurance quotes and property viewings long forgotten. It is starting to feel as though we are beginning to make some sort of progress to the future.

I told my family last night that I was blogging and was met with uncertainty and a lack of any sort of understanding as to why or what. I didn’t expect anything more really. I was asked about the number of followers I had, and I don’t think that is my aim if I am honest? Genuinely, I am writing to improve my style and because I enjoy it, I think this is enough. I am however eternally grateful to anyone who wants to read what I have to say, that is reward enough as I have nothing to sell to you, you can have what I do for free. I like many others, keep an eye on the stats and its good to see people checking me out, but were the stats not visible, maybe we all wouldn’t care so much.


A final thing; One day I will inherit this brick, to prop open my gate, and I know you lot are insanely jealous.


Before I go, can I ask why my folks house is like Calcutta in the summer and like Greenland in the Winter, stifling hot in the summer then ice cold, so much so that in the winter, I wake up in the exact same position I go to sleep in. Night night.



  1. Out with the old and in with the new… That incinerator doesn’t look to eco-friendly, I’m thinking…
    Must feel good to have the sense of moving forward, though.
    As to the blogging, my family have no understanding of my desire to write either. As for stats. Um… other than the WP popup of “500 Posts!” or “1000 followers!” I couldn’t tell you a damn thing.l
    As for the daughter making you feel like shit. I have two sons who do the same. And we’ll leave it at that. 😉

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    • Moving forward through octogenarian treacle, my Dad would burn tyres if he had some to burn. Security seems very high priority in this business relating to 1960’s bank statements! I ask you! Anyway, we’ve got cracking weather here and I’ve got less than 2 weeks before I go on my holidays, whoopppeee!
      I wonder why families don’t understand the need or desire to write? Why write when you can watch the telly?!!
      One day I’ll have a book done and I’ll be very pleased with myself. For now, this is a right laugh.
      Thanks for reading!


  2. Sounds really lovely, i’d love to read when finished, writing from experience is so much easier as far as I can make out.
    He sounds like my type of bloke, I used to love getting into scrapes! Not so much now, the kids have ruined it, there’s other people to look after now!
    Will you be changing the names to protect the anonymity and passing it off as a fiction? Or is it more of a memoir and true to life?
    Keep on keeping on!


  3. LOL. It must be the season for big clear outs 🙂 We’ve just paid some professional confidential paper shredding firm £50 to dispose of 8 huge sacks of old documents and papers, 95% of which belonged to my super-hoarder-of-a husband and 5% belonged to me (mostly faded old drafts of my books). I think we would have melted at least half-a-dozen incinerators if we’d tried to get rid of them that way! The incinerator we’ve got at the allotment is pathetic and we usually resort to a huge bonfire instead … but not at the moment. Somebody tried a bonfire down the other end of the allotments during the present heatwave and they had to call the fire brigade. …Durex, indeed. It’s the sort of thing that would work as decor in student digs, but a full grown man and responsible parent … only joking 😉 I’d love to see my neighbours’ faces if I had something like that propping my gate open.

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