July 29th 2018


Proof if ever it’s needed of my golfing prowess. A hole in one on our pitch and putt course, I didn’t like to shout about it as then I’d have to buy the rest of the clubhouse a drink; thankfully there isn’t a club house and better still no members eagerly nursing half empty pints, waiting for some sort of golfing manna from heaven.

Tenuously linked we have had rain from the heavens, bucket loads of the stuff, just in time to force a Sunday 20:20 cricket game at Worcester to be cancelled or cut short, I was really looking forward to that, even though my son dropped the “not liking cricket” bombshell earlier this week. I keep telling myself its just a phase, if the opportunity  came to go and watch cricket over in Sri Lanka, I should imagine he would change his mind. Fickle are these children.


The lovely Hattie has made herself well and truly at home and from what I understand  both dogs are looking forward to the return visit to C’s house. Humping in a different venue might re-ignite the stormy passions we are witnessing on an almost hourly basis here between sleeping, eating and sniffing the floor constantly hoping for food to drop off the work surface, honestly you’d think the dogs were starving to death the amount of pointless and hopeless scavenging they are doing.


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