FOWC: Being

FOWC: Being


I sometimes wonder, if all the things were taken away from myself of which I was remotely interested in or indeed good at, of which the former are quite a few and the latter are not so many.

If I was left without interests or accomplishments, an empty husk, a shell of a man, a vacant being, a blank canvas in which to start all over again. Would I do anything any differently than I had this first time?

That is a question, which thankfully I will not ever have to answer, as whether anyone likes it or not, I’ve still plenty of lead left in my pencil!

(Interestingly or not, depends on your viewpoint; I originally misspelt the word whether, by missing out the “h”; wether. Wether is a castrated Ram; Take what you want from that!

Keep on Keeping on.


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