Friday Fictioneers: Candles

Thanks to Carla Bicomong for supplying the FF with this beautiful photo, kind of wish I could be there. This week it’s been tricky to continue the theme I’ve found myself pursuing, but I think I’ve struck a reasonable seam of writing fuel, see what you think. And it’s exactly 100 words! Boom!! And its 11;55pm on Friday in Shrawley which means I’ve just reached the deadline, like a proper journalist!

Friday Fictioneers: Candles

Jack  had spent his formative years leaping over candlesticks for a few quid.

Sure he’d had a few falls and a few burns but his candle leaping earned him international fame and he held many records for speed and clearance.

People traveled from miles around to see the self proclaimed messiah of candle leaping (now a competitive sport).

As he sat in his dressing room watching the TV coverage of the candles on the lake, he wondered if the walking on water boast he’d made was such a good idea as he prepared to drop the television onto his foot.



  1. Jack be not so nimble with a bum foot… and, as if that were not enough, where did he think he was going by saying he could hop on water? Things are not boding well…

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