August 28th 2018


Well I haven’t written anything or indeed been able to read anything for ages. School holidays man, it’s impossible to find the time, really it is. We’ve just returned from 2 weeks in Bulgaria, which was splendid, did 4 days work which I’ll admit I worked hard accomplished loads but my heart is not in it at all. The post holiday blues coupled with a shite manager makes for a flat time. I really apologise to many of you for not reading your wonderful stuff, really I will but this weekend I’m organising  (with help from Mrs T) a family party for 25 of us in a big house in Staffordshire, folks traveling from miles around some internationally (Scotland). Its my Mum’s 80th and my Dad’s 83rd I think, and I can’t see it happening again in a hurry if at all with all of us anyway, it’ll be really special.

Mates of ours came over for a rather boozy weekend and we managed just about to hold the cooking together, not always on time but somehow delicious. I think without boasting, its always been a bit of a knack of mine; being able to do things when I’ drunk. Looking at it another way I guess a cynic could say I’m a functioning alcoholic! Lets hope not eh! I took my friend to the finest pub in Worcestershire; The Fox, which you could mistake for a normal house if you blink. It’s a lovely thing, labradors all over the furniture and all the prices are rounded up or down to give an sensible total when you are ordering;

2 pints £3 each, a bag of chilli peanuts 80p, a packet of cigarette papers 20p… Thats £7 altogether.

It makes things so much easier, the lack of change jangling around in your pockets, the simple childlike mathematics, love it. Next time anyone makes a visit, i’ll take you there. This includes anyone from any where in the world, please come, but i’ll have to blindfold you so the location is kept a secret.

So just a quickie; I found a black acorn and without permission have placed it on the shoulder of the sentinel Lego man (I think we can say that, he is very definitely of the male gender). If it has to come down I’ll stand corrected and whisk the offending piece away, slinging it into the hedgerow, never to be seen until the mighty oak sprouts and the hedgerow bows to its superior genetic prowess.fullsizeoutput_15a7

Then this morning I was greeted with this carnage, putting my small black acorn firmly into some sort of perspective, as C mentioned whilst on sabbatical from the ministry due to child care:

“Who would carry out such blatant vandalism??? Shocked is an understatement (then she put a picture of a cross orange face which I can’t do on my laptop, but close your eyes and imagine)”

This was what we have to contend with on a daily basis, our ministerial duties extend to custodianship of the woods, all the animals and plants within and of trying to prevent Benny, my dog from chasing after swallows swooping over the freshly planted crops, it’s a real issue he won’t come back and the other day my son was crying because he thought we’ed lost him forever. Yes, we’ve all got problems, but don’t fuck with the art. New stones, objects horizontalised and diagonalised; New words, recently created, of the day. Now that may well have legs…


We’ve got a little bit of Autumn coming our may me thinks, watch this space. I’m off as I’m tired, I’ll get back into the swing of things by this time next week but will make an extra special effort to get on to the RAKA which I’ve been given, and the Friday Fictioneers as well as Mt Fandango’s one word challenge of the day, Cees flower too. I’m just too busy right now.

Night night all and sleep well, or have a nice day or enjoy your lunch or you are not going out in that are you, or about time for a biscuit I think, depending on where you sit on this place we call mother earth.

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