September 8th 2018

An interesting one to start today, from yesterday, because I had a busy day, full of work, e-mails, complaining and travel to Norfolk: Home of the Monster Truck shows.

fullsizeoutput_1636Benny was sick in the car and the smell wafted towards the front through the fug of salty eaten McDonalds packaging. We had to stop and clean the dried beige biscuit vomit off his blanket. He really hates car travel, its a shame as I really wanted him to join me at work. Maybe its a phase, like smoking or Fortnite.

I sit here at Grandma’s table having been upon nearly 2 hours ago reading the Friday Fictioneers still only about 1/2 way through, if you’re reading this and have time dip in to it, its very addictive like smoking and Fortnite. Anyway Benny, escapologist extrordinaire, managed to open his crate door and wake me up barking at 6am. I got up, let him out where he chased birds in the sky, barking at them waking the neighbours up.

Just had to take a loo break and walked in on my mother in law!! OMG! that was not what I planned!

So I got Benny in, made countless cups of tea and now I see Benny, shaking with rage and grumbling bolt upright on the chair as he eyes Basil the friendly neighbourhood cat from inside the conservatory. New places lend a new type of emotion to out lunatic dog!

Anyway, I digress, as I stood at the bus stop waiting for the kids to go to school, C imparted a fact of the day to me, that, wait for it…

“Dogs only see in Black and White!” This is a good one and i’m not going to refute, if you’ve got a problem you’ll have to address it to C, but I will be happy to pass on a message. I must warn you, her Ministry name is the Ninja, so take heed.

When I wrote “C’s fact of the day” into, my phone as a note lest I forget, the spellchecker turned it into “C’s Fancy of the Day” which I quite like, an almost gender leaning slant on the FOTD (fact of the day).

Today I get my varifocals and with them, comes admittance of reaching a certain age and all that comes with it, and also a golden neck glasses chain to keep one from losing one’s spectacles when putting them down. You’ll understand when you get to my age!!

In walking news, Benny’s love and growing hobby of chasing things, is truly blossoming, and upon seeing a cat next to the stile today he dashed off through the thick hedge following the swift sleek tabby into the field beyond! He appeared back on the footpath 30 seconds later absolutely covered in Sweethearts (my Mum’s name for them), those tiny little burrs that stick to your jumper when you brush against a hedge or something. This morning he still has some tucked behind his ear, 24 hours later!

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