FOWC: Game

FOWC: Game

Isn’t it, eh, all of this is one long game. Sometimes everything seems to go your way, others not, that’s life I expect they’ll say. But the wise man, yes the wise man will tell you its all one long game; 80 or 90 years if you’re lucky, or unlucky, depends on what chips you are dealt, what cards you have in your hand.


The metaphor for life being a game I consider to be a sound one as to have to think of life as a trial or an ordeal or a joke or a tedious trudge through treacle, would be less than truly satisfying. I tend to agree that life is like Risk, Monopoly or Go for Broke like Othello, Mah Jong, Backgammon, Chess or Nine Mens Morris, like Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Cluedo, Battle at Sarlaks Pit (a Star Wars game). Life is full off decisions; strategies have to be taken, choices to be made like playing a game, but everyone has a different aim, everyone can choose their own winning post, some can choose to stop people achieving their goals, some people are really nasty.

The president of the USA is one of those men, as is the president of Russia, I’m not sure if I trust any of the politicians in power in the UK at the moment either. The far right gamers are playing with purpose across Europe and the World too, they play with horrible tactics.

We are all playing some sort of game, as we have been doing ever since man picked up a rock to try and skim it on a pond. The important thing to remember is that maybe it is just that, and to try and concentrate on doing fun things, to do nice things within the game, to help people out if they need it and if you can do it yourself.

Lately my game seems to be getting a little hectic and I’m struggling to keep in touch with the fun bits, the work part of the game is taking over, a little but balance will right itself and soon all will return to normal. Maybe.

I’ve been listening to the Cricket these last 5 days; England have beaten India in a wonderful game of Cricket, which is actually a Sport and I think Darts is described as ` game and not a sport, is Risk a sport and football a game? Maybe, who knows? I’ve travelled down some sort of cul-de-sac, written a load of utter tripe and possibly need to think about this distinction between sport and games and hobbies and pastimes.

I might not, I might just pretend to look at something else when someone asks that sort of question.


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