FOWC: Tease

FOWC: Tease


The tiny, thin, grey man with the long neck and mottled pith helmet, loved to bury himself up to his shoulders the forest floor and disguise himself as a mushroom. That’s what they had called him at school; mushroom head. They had joked he was a “Fungi” which was meant to make him feel better, but he knew the other more normal looking woodland folk used him as a verbal punch bag. They used to tease him something rotten.

But he’d show them, he’d wait until someone came up to him, near to him in the woods, and then would drag himself out of the ground and shout “Boo”. That would scare the living daylights out of them, that would teach them and maybe ingratiate him to their group.

Unfortunately, so far, he had been urinated on by one dog and afterwards many other dogs, this was not what he planned.


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