Friday Fictioneers: Elves have left the Building

Thanks to Hardy Carroll for the photo prompt this week, what a lovely if a little elaborate, thing. This one will get the grey matter firing on all cylinders. So much potential, so easy to screw it up. I will sleep on it I think!

Friday Fictioneers

Here we go!!

The bottom dropped out of the Swiss cobbling market after the shoemaker, who operated a manipulative midnight monopoly, was arrested for employing elf slave labour

The insomniac elves were offered asylum within their own country; Switzerland, because free movement of labour had been curtailed after the catastrophic split of the European Union.

The wooden timepiece was ample to live in, if a bit cramped, and sleep was hard to come by due to the endless flow of mice running up and down the clock at all hours; leading them to turning their hands to the manufacture of ultrasonic pest repellants.

There we go 100 word on the button. Damn, its late again, I bet i’m number 75 again or even more but today I will be employing the rule of 10; I’ll read the 10 before me and the 10 after, and maybe some others too! Hope you enjoy.

Thanks to Rochelle for putting up with my nonsense week after week and roll on next week!!


  1. I enjoyed this little tale. And don’t worry about being late. I never post before Friday even if I write on Wednesday – even tiny tales deserve a bit of editing and love before throwing them to the mercy of the bloggers!

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  2. I love your weekly take, Mr. #77. As for reading 20 in all, you are doing way better than a lot of others, so there is that 😉 Plus the little extras here and there (I feel blessed)
    I admit to looking forward to what you will come up with week after week!

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  3. So funny. Those poor elves have not had it easy. I hope those ultrasonic pest repellents bring in some money so they can potentially relocate to somewhere bigger, quieter, and with fewer rodent neighbours.

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