September 29th 2018

Once again I have been remiss in my posts, one thing leads to another thing and then another thing leads back to the original thing.

It seems all things lead back to this or some other mushroom; the woods are full of them right now of all sorts and shapes, proving a tasty snack for the woodland folk.

N is desperately looking for some magic mushrooms and he did pick what he thought might have been, put them on some paper at my place whilst we had coffee, if the paper turns purple, gobble them up. This is a new feature that I’m going to call

“Potentially fatal dubious fact of the day” it’s one of N’s do in no way can I be held liable for what you crayzee kids might get up to. Fill your boots!

In other news, a bag of shite was found hanging on the barbed wire fence leading into the woods; some people.

We discussed sending M to go to work on the moon; commuting daily from the space station, we’re not unreasonable. We see potential issues with getting him there due to a lack of rocket power and public funding, wax and feathers has been mentioned.

Today will see the great goat curry recipe being posted as it happens, it’s a new idea so will see what happens

Toodle Pip

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