September 27th 2018


Initial Dubious Fact of the Day, which then manifests itself as a joke;

“Bonnie Tyler’s husband was a roofer”

Thats what N told us, it took a while for the joke to settle, but I think the fact I’ve mentioned it here means either it stuck or it stuck because i can only remember shite jokes. You decide.


Could be that time of the year again, folks leaving painted stones as a replacement for the lego man; the real art which is stolen with an alarmingly frequent frequency. These last few days have been a blur since the awful boss press-ganged us to going somewhere we didn’t really want to go, not necessarily on our own terms. fullsizeoutput_1704

This is a photo of a buried reservoir, with attachments for hoses, in case you might need water in the middle of a wood on the side of a fairly steep hill, ad you had the hoses to attach.


Tomorrow or possible Saturday I shall be cooking a goat curry, and I feel the need to share, quite a few folks I follow post recipes from time to time so I’m sure it’ll do no harm, just make sure you do exactly as I do and then things will turn out exactly as things do in my place. Wether or not this is a good thing will only become apparent after I wake up the next day, hooping no one has undertaken a dirty protest.

Night night. Keep on keeping on.


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