October 2nd 2018

Next Monday Its National Fluffernutter day, I suppose there are quite a few nutters around the porn industry, its good to see they’re being recognised. Thats Monday 8th for all you Fluffers out there, come on why not have a parade.


Well, today I really can’t remember much of the walk but an interesting story caught my eye and readers familiar with the blog and readers who can remember way back, which I sometimes wonder if any of us can, I know I have no idea what has passed on this shambling write-a-thon.

Today In Manchester University Students are being encouraged to use Jazz Hands instead of Clapping to protect Students with anxiety issues. I like the idea but surely silent Jazz hands would be a tad odd, I would have thought maybe a “Ta-Dah!” would be a good addition to the whole affair. The main reason this piqued my radar was the potential to hijack the whole operation by using Jizz hands. I spoken of this before and I know the folk within the ministry are very well versed in the actions. I’m not going to say anymore, if you want to try and find the explanation its in the blog somewhere in between Jan 2nd and now, id say possibly in the earlier part of the year when I was still a bit cock sure.

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