Friday Fictioneers

Thanks Rochelle for hosting this weekly riot of scribbling, you can almost hear the 100 or so community racking their brains as to how the photo, this week provided by Sandra Crook, can be embedded into this wonderful little pocket of WordPress. I salute you all, as the cogs and gears in my head start to turn, I think they may need a good oiling!

Friday Fictioneers

Georgie Porgy had not been seen since attempting an amorous embrace with two of the female contestants at the Crackington Village  “Come Dine With Me”, making them cry.

His obsession of kissing the girls, any girls, had made it too distracting for him to hold down a steady job, thus he lived with his Mum.

Years spent running away from the boys at playtime led awkward loner Georgie to the beachfront cafe; for a pie and pudding, where he would exchange pleasantries with the agoraphobic girl who sold shells from a table in the corner.

This Friday he didn’t show.

100 words on the nose.

God I found this one really tough for some reason, I think I’ve been thinking about my half year review with a boss who has an appaling manner, it took over for a bit but do not worry It’ll all be forgotten tomorrow! Hope you enjoy.




  1. Dear Shrawley,

    I find myself looking forward to your stories every week wondering which nursery rhyme character will be lampooned by your magic pen. Love it. Hope things are better for you tomorrow.



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  2. Georgie porgy puddin’ pie, kissed the girls and made them cry…. well, who’s crying now? Great write. Couldn’t help but hear the old rhyme in my head. An old favorite .

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  3. I wonder what happened to Georgie? I hope he got the help he needs, maybe some therapy to get over his addiction if it is affecting his life that much haha. I liked the story, it had a nice flow to it that I enjoyed 🙂

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