October 7th 2018

It’s the day of the first Ministry Field trip!!

Today comrades, we travel west to Snowdonia, to the tallest mountain in Wales, a field trip for the ministry minus C who has to stay at home to put the kids on the bus and pick the kids back off the bus. Mrs T is home alone too, well without me, but with everybody else; the kids Benny the dog and the G-pigs.

Really it’s me who is alone the wind my only friend. Apart from N and M who I will be sharing a dorm with. So lock up your daughters, Snowdonia, the Ministry is in town!

We alight at 14:30GMT with a stop off to see the good Doctor S, time and weather permitting. The forecast is good, the pies are packed and the ground is firm under foot. We plan to summit around lunchtime on Monday and intend to climb without O’s (Oxygen, I heard them talk about it on “Everest” on the Discovery Channel.) There is a high chance we may not all return, many folk pass up there, and so if I do not make it back please one of the ministry must carry on , this, my lifetimes work, TheMinistryOfShrawleyWalks.

And don’t forget to walk the dog.


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