October 9th 2018

What a day; previously on theministryofshrawleywalks, I mentioned 3/4 of the ministry had travelled to Snowdon with the aim of climbing and summiting the tallest mountain; Fact of The Day: a mountain has to be over 2000 feet, what ever they are, turns out 610 metres is the qualifying height for a mountain, Snowdon is 1085 metres. Boom, it’s a mountain and Wikipedia told me so and thus I believe it to be true. I shall tell you about all the Snowdon Shenanigans later but first, as a kick in the nuts to Chronology I must vent spleen on my so called manager. I’ve checked google and I seem to be still anonymous regards this effort so i’ll go ahead, I can write what the fuck I want anyway it’s the internet; bad things happen.


I got back before noon today, kissed Mrs T, logged on and within seconds I had a call from my boss asking me where I was. He’s watching me, and the other staff, he’s distrusting us to do our job. Now I know, he’s probably got a bell which pings every time folk log in or log off. I started work 3 hours late because I was on the road, I finished 2 1/2 hours later and will make up the rest tomorrow; this is how its always been done, the work and more has been done. We loved our company but certain rotten apples are squeezing us, for more for less. It’s not unusual, everyone is under this sort of covert surveillance these days it seems.

Fuck me he really told me off and told me he was really disappointed and hopes that it will never happen again; I’m not 7, Christ, the little man with a Napoleon complex that he is. All of our team will rather not talk to him and every time the phone rings, we feel creeping flesh and the dark nights closing in ever so more rapidly. I apologised for an honest mistake, because I know I will make the time up, its how its always been done, maybe times are changing for the worst, for good.

He called me later to tell me again how disappointed he was, again, citing that I was AWOL, that this is on the verge of a disciplinary situation! FFS I despair.

On the positive side I went out to West Malvern to do a job and met a wonderful couple in a shambling big house who used to own a brewery, (it doesn’t get much better than that unless they still owned a brewery, but he was telling me he was going to something with Discogs, which is on a par in my books), for the sake of anonymity I’ll call them M and E and if you are listening both then you cheered me up no end and sorry for venting spleen!

If you are reading this then you are famous in all corners of the globe according to the billions of readers I get!! Thats a nod to everyone who has ever read anything I write, I love doing it and will never stop, and thank you for not telling me off if I post something 3 hours late.

As Radcliffe and Maconie used to say, “What a world we live in today!” Get well soon Mark.

I’m cross so this is what I’m listening to


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