October 13th 2018

I spent the day at the oldest most antiquated company in the world, we’ve even disconnected the fax line now. The filing cabinets have slowly been emptied since we last had our purge 2 months ago, burning everything and anything, but mostly the stuff dating back to the last century, some times the 60’s!!! I gave up keeping anything paper wise apart from books years ago. i’d put everything in a pile, and tell my self I’d file it away later, then later would come and the pile would have grown, so I’d look through the stuff and think to my self,”

“I probably don’t need this now”

At the most antiquated company in the world of which I am a director, non executive, and thus far (a long time) largely unsalaried. Why do I do it? For the love of cleaning things up and burning paper.

I arrived today to find a big pile of empty folders; the insides having being jettisoned but the beige folders still there. I put them in a bag into the back of the car and will, sometime this week, fly tip them. (Joke, I’ll recycle)

Theres a couple of rather nice pieces of furniture in there, which will find them selves on e-bay or at my folks house gathering dust of going mouldy, shame really, if we had space we’ed have them here as I’m sure Mrs T would delight at some more clutter!

Off shoot is I didn’t have a walk so this photo from 2 days ago will have to do.


Very much looking forward to getting back in my boots to get back in the woods tomorrow morning.

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