October 14th 2018.

Sunday bloody Sunday, i’m not cussing merely reciting the lines of a U2 song.


Thank God I got my wellies last week, it’s teeming down here, raining cats and dogs, lashing it down, etc, etc. This morning after dropping my lovely daughter off at Gym cafe, I razzed back home with a very sleepy, questioning son in track bots asking all sorts of questions, inquisitive mind, that I can cope with if I hadn’t spent a long time watching Inside number 9 on line last night. I really must grow up and stop this nonsense, the internet is for squares.

Took Ben-stein out with Misty, N and M this morning in the pissing rain, plenty of mushrooms and an early squirrel (grey; tree rat) scampered across the dogs path and they ran, they ran like the wind, didn’t catch him/her, well they wouldn’t its quicker and slipperier, So in the spirit of C who is an enormous fan of the Shroom, the correct shroom, i’ve got some absolute classics of which none are the mushrooms I am looking for (as Obi-Wan-Kinobe would have said).


So mushrooms, eh, theres so many of them, can’t wait for the non circular funguses to start breeding, you can have too much of a good thing, such as the commentary over this blog which at the moment is over a load of mushroom photos, which I am fond of but seems a bit samey. I would like the seasons to be slightly more flexible and variable in their unfolding. I’m putting it out there, will it happen? I doubt it. No one listens to the voice of variable reason anymore. In an effort to homogenise  the woodland, the village, society as a whole. If everything was uniform then things would be a tad easier.

For the Bastards who control us, maybe. I will be continuing to live far from the curve, in the weird and wonderful world of walking through the woods and talking bollox. Its the little things that matter such as driving into the supermarket car park and spotting a space you can drive into forwards and drive out from forwards also; that is one of my favourite wins. Plus cheap biltong, which seems to be sweeping the British supermarkets right now, ok its probably covered in salt and shit (not literally, thats an all encompassing term for additives) but I’m a fan, and it won’t ruin your appetite between meals like Milky Way.IMG_3893

I had so many things I wanted to say, but I popped to the Lenchford and thats all gone now, its gone away now.



  1. I love it when you drive in forwards at the parking lot and then just drive out through the front as well. Such a winning feeling indeed. However, I was recently confronted with a win followed by a loss. The parking spots are in an angle. AND, it turns out that each lane is one way ONLY! Which means that if you drive in forwards, it is not so much fun to drive out forwards from an angle going in the opposite direction. Someone always has to come up with ways to take away the simple pleasures in life…

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