October 16th 2018

Less than half of October left and then the clocks go back, its either a week or two, I’ve just been informed it’s the 28th October and a cloak of darkness falls over the evenings making it even harder to get the kids playing outside, whilst wrestling the x-box controller from them.

“I’m still not accepting V-Bucks, like some fucking children crypto currency, baby bitcoin to wear pretend outfits on a game. It leaves me cold.”


Mushroom news; we are closer to snaffling some proper magic ones, but no one wants to potentially rip their trousers as they clamber over the barbed wire, less still get told off by the Mr McGregor type character who lives in splendid isolation at the top of the track near the woods, and bemoans the amount of folk who walk past his house into the woods every day, Christ I bet theres no more than 12 or 14, double that if we’re including dogs, maybe a little more at the weekend when the tourists arrive. In fact I think now the year is planning to slow and darken a few little decorations in the woods wouldn’t go amiss. Problem is this week I’ve got an anodyne like conference with lots and lots of people I don’t know, and am not sure I need to know, i’ll keep an open mind.

This will directly effect my planning of Friday Fictioneers  which is far more important than my day job. I heard a guy called Murray Lachlan Young describe his path into writing as thus.

“The job that pays the bills; job A, is just that, it pays the bills. Your second job; Job B, is what you do when you write, you don’t get paid for this but enjoy it, so the ultimate aim is to get paid somehow for Job B, which you enjoy and then jettison Job A, which just seems to get in the way”

So the conference is directly in contravention of my enjoyment of Job B, and is preventing me from Job B. Job A has to go. So yes the mushrooms are playing hard to get, but I think we are seeing more and more as the warm Autumnal days continue, its set to not rain now for a week according to the weather man. Unfortunately I am heading to western Wales for 4 days next week, so the ministry blog will be on location and I hope to bring stories from the coastline and the mountains.

We were discussing N’s giving up of sugary things and of sugar, apart from in fruit which doesn’t count. He’s back on the stuff now and you know what he turned to of all things? A Curly Whirly, that’s what broke him. Interestingly enough M relayed to us that if you freeze a Curly Whirly, it lasts for ages. Theres the Fact of the Day for today, you see how much you learn reading this tripe?

Night millions of adoring fans, listen to this tune, I read about it today and had to listen, one of the most important pieces of music for its time, at the time of Rock and Roll and the beginnings of the Beatles. Astonishing piece.

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