October 16th 2018

More mushrooms, it’s insane out there the fungal folk are having a fabulously fruitful field day. Thought C would appreciate these shots being driven to distraction of late by the sheer volume of them around right now.

Last night we went to the Dog, a pub around 3 miles away, I’d never been to before for a drink with a mate to say happy birthday. We squeezed this in while the rain tipped down on our boys at footy practice on the Great Witley Astro turf. This could become a thing. Anyway we had some mushroom chat and my friends missus mentioned that as long as you didn’t eat much of a mystery mushroom then you, by and large, should be ok. This is the opposite of a fact of the day and should be ignored, mushrooms are dangerous kids!

We did, however, find some proper magic mushrooms just over the fence into the woods which we marked with a stick, I’ll try and snaffle a few on the way to the walk this morning. It was N, to a certain extent, who bought and nurtured the fascination, some might say obsession, with the fungi, in small doses it has been scientifically good for the mind, resets the brain (something like that anyway, call it a jumbled up and slightly off the mark fact of the day you could call it Trip of the Day). So some mushrooms might be taken back to the ministry lab for thorough experimentation, I think M is the most stable to undertake this task.

I feel like I’m under surveillance at work from my Dark Lord of a boss, I’m now going straight out to work in the morning and sending my colleagues positive words of advice on public forums and singing the praises of little victories we have in our day to day business, it’s in doing these little things that has made me aware of how little encouragement he has ever given any of us, usually our production managers last a couple of years, he’s been here nearly a year and a half, I imagine he’ll be recycled and absorbed into HQ by the new financial year where a gaggle if useless managers all compete with each other for sideways career moves fucking up project after project where silly behaviour seems actively encouraged. On Wednesday tomorrow we’ve got a big conference in some shitty post industrial town at some shitty beige hotel with over enthusiastic preaching managers with no basis in reality, there are 2 free drinks in the evening, so I’d better avoid anyone of higher standing than myself for fear of reprisals.

My son has been trying to do an insanely impossible kind of sudoko now with help from Mrs T for hours and hours, I gave up at 11pm due to the time, they’re sat in bed at 7:05, still at it, sleep has occurred in the meantime!

I’m calling this section Puzzle of the day, it’ll probably not happen again. Ignore the writing on the boxes see how you go, I’ll be furious if C has managed it, it’s really hard!


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