October 23rd 2018

Been a long time, been a long time, been a long, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time.


Hi playmates, sorry I’ve been not really concentrating on the blog what with having a conference, a boss on the warpath, and fighting the powers that be in resisting a trip to Wales for work purposes, this week I thought I’d be there for 4 days but its been cut to 2, which is brilliant, but still I struggle to see the point of it all.

I spent an excellent couple of days this weekend yomping through the Dovedale  and the Manifold Valleys, discussing the usual things 40 something old school friends discuss namely food, music, films, Simon Cowell briefly and the shit he has surrounding him which will surely come out one day and which order one would drink 4 cups of foul stuff if one had to; that discussion stretched out over the whole weekend and I believe that some of our politicians would do well to answer these type of questions, you’d get a very good insight into their minds and consequently their answers would be entirely wrong. I was going to post the questions here but i’ve got a reputation to protect and a fan base to build!!

There were sloes abundant in large clusters of bushes and more magic mushrooms than you could shake a stick at, only one of us had a plastic bag to collect and the rest of us simply couldn’t be arsed, thats what happens sometimes, first world problems eh? There was the obligatory pub, I had a very poorly chosen beetroot mouse for lunch which was tiny and left me filling up with nuts, school boy error.

I came away with terrible news; Test Match Special has ceased to broadcast English cricket matches from abroad; I’m not really sure what this means for the greater good but I’m feeling let down and slightly sick with an element of panic that i’ll have to listen to Talk Sport (full of adverts) and with the best will in the world, I really don’t think I could stomach that. How am I to survive the cold bleak filthy British winter without Aggers and Co talking to me from Sri Lanka, this remains to be seen, I’m going to write a letter to someone.


We got the band back together, and for the sake of anonymity the relevant players in no particular order are J, A, P, J and D (me). For a bit of fun, the challenge of the day why not have a spot the author competition, if you can keep from wondering how such a fine group of fellows aren’t in some sort of spunky boy band, and how come we haven’t taken over the world. The news is, we have, you just don’t know it yet.


Wrecking it, like men the wrong side of 40 should, bringing a bit of cheer to the stiffs at the National Trust Ilam Hall, which is where we stayed just 5 minutes away from in some sort of Christian Retreat, we had no visitors, we were left alone, in part probably due to the tunes and fine curry odour emanating from the house!



Yes I’ve used filters, because they are there to quote Sir Edmund Hillary, possibly again.


More to follow, regarding Ministry Woodland issues.

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