October 20th 2018

I’ve made it out from a bitter tasting company conference unscathed with a bar bill which didn’t materialise when I went to check out; result!

I’ve made it through the hangover, and made it to the next day lecture by waking up, on time and completely accidentally. I didn’t nod off in the presentations and neither did I nod off driving the car home.

I’ve managed to slip out of work in order to beat the traffic, which I did, in my village but as soon as I broke the 5 mile perimeter all hell broke loose and the wall of cars stayed with me for 3 or 4 hours. I had to stop for a pint half way through, my friends needed picking up, that’s why.

I’ve arrived in Ilam, look it up, and have visited the hotel bar a mile down the road, us 5, 3 spaniels, a score of triumph spitfires and a wonderful array of country folk, country try hards and coloured trousers.

To keep C happy, check the mushroom out, a spiny one from days ago in the woods.

I’ve got a question, which I need to sleep on before I ask you, oh millions of followers, I don’t want to offend, but I feel it’s a metaphor for our lives.

Big hills tomorrow

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