October 24th 2018, Ministry Issues


We’ve got ourselves a new sentinel. As the wheels of Industry buckle around us, the People’s Popular Front of Forestry Frolics, try to beat us down with their shitty stick, imposing rules where essentially we are outlaws, renegades standing against imagined oppression. Life must go on and in order to help us in our quest to keep the woodland local, we have enlisted the help of a small lego man to look out and report back to us when trouble is afoot, the witching week of Halloween is soon and so who knows what may occur.

Three of the ministry are away for half term and so N will be the Bobby on the Beat, the Lone Ranger, the wondering minstrel, singing to him self as he goes along and storing up a veritable stock of documentary facts of the day, ready for when we return in dribs and drabs, hopefully to find the woodland intact and not overrun with thieves and vagabonds.

I read a great story today about a guy on Guernsey, who wants to build a house on a plot of land. He owns the land and is trying to confirm it as a separate state in which he and his wife and 3 children are the main occupants; he is King, and his subjects are, in his words, “The worms and insects.” He’s taking his case to the European Court, and is quite clearly barking mad; he must come and see us to discuss Principality status of Shrawley.

“Bagsy not King”


Some mushrooms for you, C. I know you’re missing their presence. While we are talking of presences, lets switch back to Halloween and say that we as adults with kids of a certain age absolutely hate it, and may I be as so bold as to state (this is C’s point and she is absolutely right) C’s fact of the day is:

“Trick or Treating is Begging” there’s no tricks, no bags full of holly with cow shit underneath, no more stopping at the last house in the village when we were 12 to Whisky and Coke and B&H with Mrs Amos, no longer in the UK I don’t think so I’m sure no one will find her. Anyway like adverse possession, if no one has expressed an issue in 12 years then you’re in the clear. Thank god we are on the Halloween special train to Edinburgh on 31st, back for Bonfire night though, that promises to be top draw.

Good night all, keep on keeping on.


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