October 25th 2018


Several firsts today; before I arrived, sweating and weary, on losing the path and having to clamber over the railway railings and not arriving where I thought I was going to I walked and trotted partially out of fear down the rails at a risk of being fined upto £1000 dressed in my Hi-viz, easily seen from the river below as I dashed along the railway. Anyway the pay off is, now this station, very little station is in the place it should be map wise. I’d never done that before.

I saw a salmon ladder, no salmon and have no real clue as how they can climb onto the top, the river is well below; some salmon ladder chat there.

I drove across a disused open cast slate mine near Devils Bridge, and drove down forest tracks for miles, not one soul around for miles. In truth I’ve had a fun time, on my own and would rather have been at home truth be told but I wouldn’t have got to mess about so much, my own little rural exploring parcour trip.


Wales, or at least thew part I was in is littered with old deserted mines, farmsteads and ruins, literally hundreds and hundreds I’d be prepared to wager from days gone by when you did have to live in the middle of a wood on a hill top for whatever reason, maybe born there and couldn’t leave, Christ imagine the walk to the shops. I walked about 2 miles before 9am this morning through a wood to the top of the hill where there was a scout club house, surprisingly. This job sometimes is nuts.


Tired, aching bones.

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