Edinburgh 2: November 2018


Another day, another Museum, and another Picasso; this one a ceramic and pretty cool, looks like a Mickey Mouse type shoe to me, but what do I know? We went to the Scottish Natural Museum, all free and something for absolutely everyone, I defy you not to find something you like, if you don’t then I’m afraid you are dead behind the eyes, I wish Shrawley had something like this, failing that maybe Birmingham does, I must check it out.  The kids ran off immediately and explored and sat down to have coffee in the cafe whilst me and Mrs T ambled aimlessly from amazing exhibit to amazing exhibit, from the incredible Wandering Albatross with its 3.5m wingspan to cubic crystals, naturally occurring in nature underground, astonishing.




My very good friend who I shall call J, to protect his identity loves a stuffed bird (not being derogatory) he’s got a grey heron and a fox, both from the 1940’s in an amazing condition, he has to hide them from his Mum when she comes to visit, he is 47! Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but to offer children the opportunity to see some of our most magnificent wildlife and natural wonders for free is so important, with government funding for smaller museums being cut, it seems to me to be a crime against growing up and expanding your horizons, the kids are the future explorers and conservationists and they must be inspired.

Everything is important, as much as possible must be seen, the mind is like a sponge, less so as you get older, less absorption but still retains a bit.


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