Edinburgh 3: November 2018


The third in the trilogy, I’ve worked out I must not go for 4 as it’ll be totally amazing  unless of course I stayed for another week in which case I would be justified numbers 4, 5 and possibly 6, with a stand alone episode in between 3 and 4. 1-3 will be poor, 3 the worst and then a gap for about 20 years then 4, 5 and 6. That is how these sorts pf things play out so watch out for 2038 where I will be showcasing Edinburgh 4-6. Infact maybe this last week is 4-6 and in 20 years it’ll be 1-3. Then about 10 years after that i’ll do 3.5. Sorted.

This day was the day of illusions, a trip to the Camera Obscura, doesn’t work on a cloudy day, be aware folks. But 6 floors of hard core illusionary rush (or was it 6 floors?) Loads of camera trickery, mirror manipulation, Esher paintings, always Esher, the master of the impossible. Electricity comes from other planets and is available to provide a shock if you happen to touch someones hand on the way through!

I’m not going to describe any of the attractions save for the Vortex; a solid horizontal bridge going through a dark tube illuminated by spiralling lights making the walk across the bridge unsettling, challenging balances and reminding me of the weekends spent in Edinburgh all those years ago! I met a lady at the entrance laughing her head off and telling me that I have to go through, as its the funniest thing that she has done in a long time, she wasn’t wrong and we should all have a little simulated lack of balance in our lives, it sets you straight, re-sets the dynamo.



That was a costly experience, but worth it massively, the kids liked it and that is worth its weight in gold, or green. Only issue was not being able to go for a pint after, we did happen across a record shop but we were tired and had to get to the artist’s studio. Theres no photos, taken by me, I didn’t think it correct, they’re not my paintings, but as an aside I did suggest Mrs T becoming an artist. To have a cave, like Mr Bushe’s to work, alone from everyone with a paint splattered comfy chair to sink into, a plastic kettle to make the tea and a plastic school chair to rest your legs whilst slurping your tea checking out the world in progress looks like a pretty good place to me to work from. Long may it last, until a private investor buys it off them to knock it down and build exec flats. This will happen, its just a matter of time. Just a matter of time.

For anyone interested Chris Bushe doesn’t have a web site, he’s old school, if you google images he’ll turn up but he has a dealer and a gallery who acts for him, that way he remains exclusive and elusive to a certain extent. However I urge you to check his stuff out, one day I’ll own a Bushe (mates rates i’m sure!)


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