FFfAW: Hello, Goodbye, Dolly


This week the photo is from Mr or Mrs Yarnspinner, I bet he or she has a few tales to tell!

This one puzzled me somewhat, but immediately i thought of Dolly Mixtures; a sugary sweet and guilty pleasure which I demolish on the way home from Tescos, when done and satisfied I throw the empty wrapper into the passenger seat footwell. That is the antithesis of Rock and Roll.

Archie has been working at Willy Wonka’s factory when the so called health benefits of not eating chocolate were spread by a mystery entity; so called “Bozo Drones” dropping leaflets countrywide. 

He had to look for a new job which he found in the Dolly Mixture factory, evidently his knowledge of confectionary was a bonus as he bypassed mixing and was parachuted into the cutting department. Long cylinders of Dolly’s were laid out like ice cores for him to chop into bite size delights. 

One day a machine was doing this when he arrived at work, he left shortly after and was once again looking for a new job.

Now he works in an enormous warehouse in the middle of nowhere with excellent transport links. He helps to put Bozo Drones together which in turn deliver sweets to kids.

It’s 139 words and more of a stream of consciousness, which I think it was last time too, maybe I see a theme developing. Anyway hope you enjoy, once again it is late and I have cricket to listen to at 4:30 this morning before a meeting in Swindon, I am officially living the dream.


  1. Machine is replacing man from one job to another. Now drones are delivering sweets. This is unfortunate side of technology and profit making system. No one wants to develop human resource but wants to employ a machine.

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