FOWC: Disrupt & November 9th 2018

FOWC: Disrupt


Its a special day today, I expect you’ll all be wondering what is so special about November 9th?


Well, it’s my birthday, and its my daughter’s birthday, on the same day! How mad is that? Today my birthday comes second to my not so small girl, my friend who I haven’t seen for a while also has his Birthday today and to protect his identity I’ll call him Mr B. So happy birthday to you sir. It might also be Prince Charles’ birthday today, which i’d say is more of a coincidence than having any sort of relevance as 1 in 365 people roughly will have the same birthday as me today, which makes the number of people celebrating today is 16,438,356 approximately, which suddenly makes me feel not so unique, we are all but an accident of birth after all.

So Happy Accident of Birthday all you 16 million of us, sorry to Disrupt the flow of things Special day wise, but I think you will find that every day is a special day, but in my house at least, today is a doubly special day. Due to my maths not stretching much past GCSE level with a modicum of Trigonometry thrown in, I can not work out the probability of the number of people with the same birthday living in the same house, it’ll be less than 8 million I reckon. People with the same birthdays do not hang out with other specifically for that reason otherwise where would we be? All the summer folk hanging out together, everyone born on April 1st playing tricks on each other all the time, the Christmas Eve and Boxing Day group will be constantly bitter all year round due to their birthday’s proximity to Christmas, aside say from the Non-Christians, who will probably be cross because their compatriots will be constantly grumbling.

This is a can of worms and best left alone, does it mean that all the Valentines people will be at it all the time and spawning more November 9th Babies? Who the hell knows, maybe on that logic there just might be more November babies due to the sexy times in February, making this date even less unique than I previously thought.

In other news, I received some rather splendid presents for my friends and family which I shall list in no particular order.

Some moleskin trousers, mmm grown up comfy slacks.

Some jumpers, One is too tight, I am too fat, so will have to change it.

2 records, Daniel Avery’s new long player and TVAM’s Psychic Data which are both absolutely blinding, the TVAM is on Orange vinyl which as those of you who have been round to my house will know that I am a sucker for limited edition records, its part of my DNA and there is nothing I can do about it. Like taking photos of Mushrooms.

2 Books, One by Phillomena Cunk (funny) and one about a tattooist in the death camps (I’m guessing not funny).

A dressing gown. Now the thing is that I haven’t had a dressing gown since I was at school, i left when I was 18 and so I haven’t had one for nearly 30 years. Its massive, furry inside and not furry on the outside, and I have likened my self to a monk and also to Jim Kerr from Simple Minds with a fan blowing behind me as the massive dressing gown billows on some make believe European Street, hold on that was Ultravox and Vienna; same era. I came down this morning before the kids got onto the school bus in my new dressing gown to listen to the TVAM album and found myself sweating in the garment. It was really warm and not altogether unpleasant. I can not believe I have missed out on nearly 30 years of this. It has Disrupted my view on the slouching about, thrown it all into Chaos. And upon reflection I think I can probably say. Better late than never.

And with that, he disappeared into the cold, wet windy night to go to an awful Italian chain restaurant for supper. It’s my daughters choice, Mrs T is talking me somewhere mysterious tomorrow with not a massive menu but the food is apparently amazing! Can’t wait.

Good night and Happy Accident of Birthday all you millions of November babies.


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