Friday Fictioneers: Woody Woodgulag.

Cheers to  J S Brand for the photo, what a lovely carving, I wonder how I can turn this into something slightly sinister. On your marks, get set, thinking caps on… GO!!

After rescuing Little Red Riding Hood, skinning the wolf and passing off the pelt as sable, the desperate woodsman became embroiled in a rather nasty business with the Russian Bratva.

He traveled to Switzerland to persuade the former shoemaking elves, now electronic pest control manufacturers, to fashion an ankle length Surtout, popular with the Siberian Gas Oligarchs’ wives.

The Oligarch who purchased the Surtout was ridiculed for his foolishness, and his wife ostracised from Siberian Splurges.

The Bratva hunted the fugitive woodsman down and he now spends his days in Krasnoyarsk; sculpting trees, praying for early release for good behaviour.

I’m pleased, I hope you are, 100 words on the nose, that’s a theme in my FF, waste not a word and they shall not waste you (as someone sage once said).

The elves reference is from a past FF back in September, so shamelessly here is a link so you can catch up and I can promote my nonsense to unbelievers! And I’m very proud of the pun! Enjoy!!

Elves have left the Building


  1. Dear Shrawley,

    I’ll admit to jumping “down here” to see what dish you’re serving this week. I’ve never thought much about the woodsman who rescued the gullible Little Red Riding Hood. Thank you for shedding light on the subject. You always make me laugh with your skewed spins on time honored tales.



    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don’t deal with Bratva. They will harm you no matter whether you annoy them or you please them. God bless the woodsman.


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