November 10th 2018


I know this posting of mushrooms pisses C off as she’s had enough of them, as have probably millions of you lot, I think I need to change my blog pages and maybe create a separate section for the mushroom lovers, you twisted lot. But I blame the seasons, not the camera, after all it never lies.

Yesterday we went to one of those generic Italian high street restaurant chains, it was a lovely night and the food was pretty good, its not so much the food that is my issue, its the ambiance, give me a small family run restaurant any day of the week. we don’t need to be pigeon holed and helped to choose where we eat, people are inherently lazy these days and I will not stand for it.

Funny thing was, I ordered shredded pork in a tuscan red wine sauce (not much of it, had evaporated by the time it came) The pork was in some sort of crusty square parcel, and when i cut into it it flaked apart like salmon, like a fish. To me this seemed odd and without thinking and unable to stop myself I went up to the waitress and told her I had received fish and not pork!

“But there is no fish on the menu as a stand alone without pasta” she said.

How right she was, what an idiot I was. We will never mention this again; Right?

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