November 12th 2018

I go away for a weekend of birthday celebrations, well we didn’t really go for a sleep over anywhere but we did eat like Royalty, and drunk slightly too much beer and wine, which is why this post may be brief, I say “may be” as it’s not planned and who knows where my headache will take me. In fact the only way to plan this thing is if I write stuff down as soon as it happens otherwise “puff” it’s gone and the thing I really wanted to tell everyone is gone, and may or may not ever surface again.

Here’s a Faces in things to start the day off, more subtle than the last, but still definitely a face I’d think you’d agree. Slightly smirking.


Could this be the years of behaving on the edges of acceptability to the many, the years of laughing with the few. Who knows, maybe I’m just tired, but turning 47 (!) seems to have had an effect off me that I really didn’t expect. All of a sudden I feel overweight, not fit enough to satisfy myself I am fit enough, if you understand my meaning; there’s tough years ahead and I feel I should be going into these with new batteries, I am, after all, not getting any younger and I am nearing 50. The Government has totally fucked up the Brexit negotiations sending my dear old Mum and Dad into freewill and barefaced panic, the bloody papers they are reading don’t help, warning them there will be soldiers on the streets and the pound will go into free fall, their pensions will be worthless and there will be fighting on the streets of the leafy sleepy village of Bruntingthorpe.

I think I must be hungover and over tired, I need a holiday away from all this gadding about. Thank god the woods are still here, but a change has come. Over the weekend we had a lot of rain and lots of wind, this has emptied the trees of their leaves and now the floor is squelchy with organic matter, composting down and preparing the ground for the spring, which is noticably ages away. Today we all became acutely aware of the wood around us, things were seen which had never been seen in all the years we have been walking these paths. We walked the same walk that we do every day; C and D meet N and M in the corner of the field, we enter the woods walk up the initially steep hill to the holly bushes, half way up to the tall trees. At the holly, the ground flattens out slightly and we round the corner to see the tall Wellingtonias, at the crossroads with the new bench (no one asked us). We always stop here for no reason really unless one of us is in a hurry to get somewhere, but there is a good view in all four directions, the compass points. Then we turn left and walk along the flat descending slightly to the smaller crossroads, we turn left here down the “It doesn’t matter” path which tracks the side of the field, sometimes we see birds here swooping in and out of the wood edge. We then arrive at the bottom at the start of the walk, we examine the art work, check if the children have stolen the latest lego man, and then decide who’s house we will go to for coffee. Today we saw many, many tree carvings, I’m in shock as to how we have missed these before, that’s life I guess.


I have absolutely no idea who carved these, but I am happy to officially authorise them as an antiquity under the ministry rules, well done K and G, I wonder if they are still together? Love and trees, that is all you need, as the Beatles sort of said.

Well, that’s it from me, signing off as a 47 year old man who needs his beauty sleep in order to try and find some extra oomph from somewhere. Anyone got any Vera’s?

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