November 13th 2018

I’m trying out the new WordPress publishing thingy they have suggested, I hope I can suss it out. New things scare me, especially internet things. I suppose it won’t affect what I write, just how it looks. 

So now this has happened, look its adjusted to the left, which is in no way relevant to nothing at all, and now it seems to have lined up with the rest of the stuff, so don’t panic anyone.

Today we have had much chatter as the beautiful Hattie has entered the “on heat” phase and is ready for mating. Apparently she is going to be seen by “Mr Magic Man” I’m guessing that is his real name, he is after all a successful French Bulldog who specialises in the art of seduction, a bit of fore play (dog porn) and then shows her his magic wand and sweet love is made, hopefully followed by millions of puppies, which C will have to keep all of as I think it’ll be very hard for her to part with them, being an animal lover of considerable pedigree.

Mr Benny Man was slightly excited by the smell of her bits this morning while waiting for the bus, tied to a tree, but once they were off the leads he didn’t seem that interested in the whole sexy thing, unlike his predecessor, Hovis, who would sit outside in the garden all day and howl at the fence, hoping his princess would come. All of Hovis’ friends were female and he was really affected by the scents drifting into his little garden. Of course he wouldn’t have the faintest idea what to do and seemed far more interested in mounting his friend Horace from out of the village for fun times!

“What goes on tour stays on tour”  he would tell me, or something along those lines.

We had teenage dramas tonight and I ended up putting my foot in it, however upon reflection it was decided that I was right and should be listened to for sage advice. Tomorrow I should be waking up to theFriday Fictioneers and I really hope I can work out the link button, it doesn’t seem to give me as much functionality such as changing the link from the Url to what everI wish to call it, i’ll put my hand up.Anyway Night night folks, heres a tune to lull you off to sleep. I think I may have posted this one before but its a beauty.

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