Friday Fictioneers: Troll-op

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting this wonderfulness, and thanks to Rochelle too (!!) for the gritty photo, lots to get excited about here, thinking caps on…

On your Marks…

Get Set…



The large goat didn’t give the maimed and bloodied Troll a backward glance as he bobbed down river towards Wetwang. 

The pastures either side of the bridge now homogenous estates; the pastoral interface redundant. 

The young Troll, edged his way down the embankment, under the roadway and unfolded the map. The area edged red showed his fathers land, here, right under the underpass, and there lied the stones of his birthplace.

Goat chasing no more, he had dynamite, a dildo, a battered game of monopoly and a penchant for kidnapping, this would be the perfect spot for some fiendish mischief.

There we are, a Troll piece, slightly risqué, but what the hell and 100 words to boot!



  1. Brilliant story! Socio-political comment and great humour – what more could we ask for? You might have spotted in my reply to a comment on my own story that I wrote it as a spin-off from a darker update of the Three Billy Goats Gruff tale, that I’m drafting at the moment. Without giving too much away, the troll in that story is into kidnapping, just like yours. Great minds think alike, eh?

    By the way, I live about 15 miles from Wetwang. I might look for a suitable prompt photo next time I’m passing through. A bit of trivia for you – the late Richard Whiteley (original presenter of Countdown) was honorary Mayor of Wetwang for 6 years.

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